The Passion Paradox

Passion drives us. It’s human nature. It’s important to be passionate about a franchise concept, but getting caught up in emotions rarely results in sound decision-making. Think of a car dealership: car dealers want you to test drive a car as quickly as possible so your rational thinking decreases and you immediately want the car. Some… Read more »

Why Most Franchise Rankings Are Less Helpful Than You Think

It’s quick and easy to look at any number of published ‘top franchise’ rankings to get an idea about which franchise concepts have the least risk and highest possible return. But if your investment budget is $300K, why look at the top franchises that require $1M in investments? These ranking lists can seem like a… Read more »

If franchise ownership is the answer, then transition is now the problem.

There are few other options to generate a meaningful income stream, besides a career, than business ownership for most Americans. But how does this transition actually happen? Many see business ownership as an answer to meaningful income generation, and quickly realize following a franchise template can be an answer to business ownership. Whether leaving a… Read more »

The Franchise Disclosure Document. Why it’s important. Why it’s not.

A Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) is a critical document for you in franchise evaluation. But it can only get you so far in seeing the whole picture of a concept. A Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) is a required piece of documentation every franchisor must assemble to comply with, among other regulations, the Federal Trade Commission’s… Read more »

What are franchisors looking for in franchisees?

Unique management and growth aspects to running successful franchise businesses are additional to those faced by other types of businesses. This has a material effect on your business. Franchise organizations are businesses, too. There are specific management and growth aspects to successful franchise business operations that are unique (and additional) to those faced by other… Read more »

Are semi-absentee run franchises actually possible?

Semi-absentee is a popular buzzword with franchise concepts. But how can you determine if it’s actually possible with the concept you’re considering? Read on. Franchise explorers face an interesting predicament when considering whether or not to become a franchise owner. These people are successful in their professional careers, have amassed a certain net worth, and… Read more »

Competition: Mirage, or Material?

How much or how little competition exists for the franchise concept AND market you’re considering to base your operation? Does competition actually matter? In our seminal guide Franchising: Decoded and Demystified we address competition in two areas. The first as Mystery #10 – Competition Mirage or Material. The second as External Factor #5 Competitive Climate.… Read more »