Why Salon Suites are One of the Best Semi-Absentee Franchises

Phenix Salon Suites Franchise

The beauty industry continues to grow rapidly, with more people interested in seeking health and beauty professional services than ever before and more health and beauty professionals wanting to be independent business owners. Salon suite franchises are a great way to capitalize on this surging trend. 

In this blog post, I’ll explain the benefits of owning a salon suite franchise and why it makes an ideal semi-absentee franchise!

What is a Salon Suite Franchise?

The salon suite franchise concept is very simple. Franchisees build out locations with any number (typically 30 – 40 spaces)  of individual “suites” perfectly suited for health and beauty professional (lifestyle professional) businesses. The salon suite franchise owner then “rents out” the suites to health and beauty professionals giving them an attractive, professional space they can call their own and decorate and brand however they want.

It’s a more affordable alternative for health and beauty professionals to start building their business especially if they do not have the investment capital to build their own studio. These lifestyle professionals are responsible for running their own business; determining their own service and product offerings, pricing, hours and attracting clientele.

The salon suite franchise owner then collects monthly fees from the “tenants” so there are no interactions with customers, no need for employees, no inventory, and after the salon suite location is built out and fully utilized, the business runs with only a few hours each week.

The franchise owner is completely hands off from the tenants business, outside of collecting fees each month. Since franchise owners don’t need to be at the location everyday, salon suites are an ideal example of a semi-absentee franchise.

“Many franchises claim it, but Phenix Salon Suites franchise is TRULY a semi-absentee franchise opportunity. Build the business and keep your day job, and only spend a few hours each week managing the business. It’s the ideal model.”

Brian Kelley, President and CEO

semi-absentee franchise - salon suites

What is a Semi-Absentee Franchise?

Semi-absentee franchising is an attractive business model for entrepreneurs who want to invest in a franchise but don’t want to manage a business full-time.

Allowing investors to benefit from the success of their franchise while still maintaining flexibility and control over their time.

Semi-absentee franchising can be especially beneficial for those who have other interests such as family or career obligations or other investments or businesses or who want to be largely retired!


Why the Salon Suite Category is Perfect for Semi-Absentee Franchising

The salon suite category is one of the most attractive franchises for semi-absentee entrepreneurs that most don’t know about. It offers a great opportunity to own a business without sacrificing lifestyle and personal time, while still providing an opportunity to invest time and money intelligently.

Most salon suite owners aren’t involved in the day to day and manage their franchise remotely. These are great franchises because they become more hands off as the rental base increases. Because little infrastructure is needed to run a salon suite franchise, many salon suite franchise owners go on to owning multiple locations so it’s ideal for multi-unit ownership as well.

Benefits of salon suite franchises


Salon Suite Franchise Benefits

Here are some of the benefits of owning a salon suite franchise to consider so you can make an informed decision about whether or not it’s right for you.

Low to No Employees

Having low to no employees as a franchise owner is attractive by keeping the initial investment and monthly overhead low and avoiding complexities that come with hiring and retaining employees. 

See if you qualify for financing from the SBA for approved franchises.*

*No impact to your credit score. For informational purposes only.

No Inventory

The salon suite franchise owner is responsible for providing a clean, professional, safe and functioning space for health and beauty professionals. Tenants are responsible for their own supplies, products, and customers and decorating their spaces.

No Day to Day Customers

With the salon suite franchise business model, owners have the advantage of not dealing with day to day customers. Tenants bring their own clients and interact with them. Salon suite franchise owners rarely, if ever, need to interact with customers. As an owner, you only have to interact with the health and beauty professional “tenants”.

Monthly Fees

Recurring, predictable monthly revenue from a set number of tenants with stable overhead takes a lot of the complexities out of running this business.


One advantage of starting a salon suite franchise is the ability to keep your job while you build the business.  Salon suite owners enjoy a great amount of flexibility and independence when it comes to running their business since the franchise model doesn’t need to be very hands-on.

Once the salon suites are largely rented the property owners only need a few hours each week to manage the property. This allows them to pursue other interests or hobbies while still seeing a return on their investment.

Why Phenix Salon Suites is the Best Franchise in the Salon Suites Category

Phenix Salon Suites franchises is highly ranked by Franchise Transparency Project (see evaluation here) and offers an exclusive business opportunity for individuals interested in owning their own salon suite. As one of the leaders in the salon suites category, Phenix franchisees have access to the support and resources of a large company while still enjoying the autonomy of being your own boss.

Led by Co-founders Gina and Jason Rivera, they have brought their vision to life by giving business ownership opportunities to health and beauty professionals (lifestyle professionals) and creating an ideal opportunity for anyone looking for a semi-absentee franchise. No salon experience needed! 🙂

“At Phenix Salon Suites, we provide the tools so Lifestyle Professionals can concentrate on growing their clientele and income all in an affordable while upscale professional location. We provide a space that fosters independence and loyalty on the foundation of understanding the needs and wants of the Lifestyle Professional.”

Gina Rivera, Co-founder

Phenix also offers extensive training and support for all of its franchisees. From marketing and advertising strategies to financial services, business plans, and more, Phenix Salon Suites will equip you with the tools needed to successfully run your salon suite business.

The Phenix Salon Suites team is dedicated to providing its franchisees with top-notch service and guidance every step of the way. With their expert advice, franchisees will benefit from the Phenix team’s vast experience building hundreds of salons.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Phenix Salon Suites franchise opportunity, reach out to a franchise industry veteran or fill out the form here.

Our experienced team would be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with additional information. Get started on your Phenix Salon Suites franchisee journey today!


See if you qualify for financing from the SBA for approved franchises.*

*No impact to your credit score. For informational purposes only.