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In Franchising: Decoded & Demystified You’ll Learn: Critical aspects of franchise concepts you’re not examining right now, Why franchise rankings really do not help you at all, and many other important points.

12 Mysteries of Franchising

Decode the 12 Mysteries of Franchising to Evaluate Franchise Concepts Like an Insider

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Learn valuable insights that will help you understand franchising inside and out.

Franchise Evaluator

Includes the Franchise Evaluator: 14 Internal and External factors you need to be examining on EVERY concept.

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  • What’s in an fdd and why it’s important. Why it’s not
  • The realities of customer acquisition
  • Some concepts grow with velocity. Learn their attributes and spot the stars
  • Do unicorns and semi-absentee franchises actually exist
  • Yeah, but, will it work here?? How to know if your market is right for that concept
  • And much more!

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