We believe in franchising, and believe a strong, healthy franchise industry is a strategic imperative.

What’s at issue?
Why the Franchise Transparency Project exists.

A strong, healthy franchise industry requires competent franchisors with viable opportunity offerings AND a robust community of well informed, near-term franchisees.

The missing ingredient? – The near-term franchise buyer needs a vastly improved understanding of what franchising is, what it can possibly do, or not do for them and an ability to discern how franchisors operate.

To gain that improved understanding, better, more objective tools, information, frameworks and perspectives are sorely needed by the near-term franchise buyer. An objectivity, we don’t believe, is currently present in today’s franchise industry. Without which neither Franchisor nor near-term Franchisee can meet their goals. The Franchise Transparency Project’s Primary Objective is to provide that objective framework to the near-term franchise buying community.

Franchising Decoded & Demystified is an initial attempt at meeting that need.

Franchise Transparency Project

The Franchise Transparency Project is a revolving all volunteer board of franchisors, franchisees, and allied parties in the franchise industry who provide objective, experienced based information on the nature of franchising. Member organizations must meet eligibility guidelines including agreeing with our Guiding Principles.

“We believe franchising creates tremendous value to franchisors, franchisees, communities they serve, opportunities for employees and our nation. This value is only unlocked when franchisors communicate with transparency and completeness about the makeup of their systems and near-term franchisees understand the important aspects of systems they should be looking at, their abilities to open and manage a business and subsequent roles. In this way sound decisions can be made for mutual fit and the long term health of both parties and our industry as a whole.”

– Message from our Chairman

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