The Passion Paradox

Passion drives us. It’s human nature. It’s important to be passionate about a franchise concept, but getting caught up in emotions rarely results in sound decision-making. Think of a car dealership: car dealers want you to test drive a car as quickly as possible so your rational thinking decreases and you immediately want the car. Some… Read more »

Why Franchise Rankings are Less Helpful Than You Think

Franchise rankings are a popular way to compare and research franchises. However they shouldn’t be deciding the factor when determining which franchise concept is best for you.  In this article, I’ll explain what franchise rankings are, what you can learn from them, and why they are less helpful than you think. What Are Franchise Rankings?… Read more »

Starting a Franchise: The Transition to Franchise Ownership

The transition to becoming a franchise owner can be a challenging and overwhelming experience. This is particularly true for individuals who are making the transition from a corporate career. Anthropologists call this liminal space, or a transition between two states, which often involves a certain degree of disorientation and ambiguity. In this blog post, we… Read more »

What Are Franchisors Looking for in a Franchisee?

Franchise organizations are businesses, too. There are specific management and growth aspects to successful franchise business operations that are unique (and additional) to those faced by other types of businesses. At the same time, like most businesses anywhere, franchisors must evolve with ever-changing customer, market, and regulatory circumstances, as well as the related evolving needs… Read more »

How to Identify Growing Franchise Concepts

With over 750,000 operating franchise concepts in North America, finding growing franchise concepts can be a challenge. Growth with velocity means there are external and internal attributes of the concept impelling it forward and amplifying growth at the unit level – without your direct involvement. We call these attributes the ‘5 Mechanics of Scale’ and… Read more »

Competition: Mirage, or Material?

How much or how little competition exists for the franchise concept AND market you’re considering to base your operation? Does competition actually matter? In our seminal guide Franchising: Decoded and Demystified we address competition in two areas. The first as Mystery #10 – Competition Mirage or Material. The second as External Factor #5 Competitive Climate.… Read more »