The Passion Paradox

The Passion Paradox

Passion drives us. It’s human nature. It’s important to be passionate about a franchise concept, but getting caught up in emotions rarely results in sound decision-making.

Think of a car dealership: car dealers want you to test drive a car as quickly as possible so your rational thinking decreases and you immediately want the car.

Some franchisors encourage enthusiasm for their business, and in fact, require that you love the concept. If you’ve found a franchise concept you love, go for it and let passion drive you.

On the other hand, there are those who look to franchise concepts as a means to a lifestyle end. If you’re in this crowd, you’ll have to put aside your passions and look into the logistics of a concept instead. The Franchise Evaluator will help you do exactly this.

The takeaway: fully understand and evaluate the franchise concept, and then fall in love with it and make it your life.

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