Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the FTP?

The FTP is an all-volunteer group of franchise industry experts committed to providing objective, experienced-based information to those exploring business ownership through franchising for the first time. The FTP is not affiliated with any advertiser, franchise concept, franchise entity, group or association. We exist solely to provide objective information to the franchise exploring public.

Is the FTP affiliated with any franchise concept?

No, the FTP intentionally remains an independent body to make sure our information and guidance are not influenced by outside factors. Our only ‘clients’ are our readers and the franchise exploring public. The FTP, Franchising: Decoded and Demystified, this site and other information were developed for their needs alone.

Why was the FTP created?

We believe much more objective information is needed by the franchise exploring public to allow them to make better, more informed decisions about franchising and its ability to help people reach their goals. Franchising: Decoded & Demystified is our e-book which is a first step in providing this information.

What is the goal of the FTP?

To create a better, healthier and more impactful franchise industry by bridging those new to exploring business ownership through franchising and the vast number of concepts that may be able to meet their needs.

How do I know if franchising is right for me?

There are a lot of things to know about going into business. Much of that has to do with the concept you’re considering. And much has to do with your skills and capabilities. Download and read Franchising: Decoded and Demystified. Our e-book should give you much information and areas to explore before starting a business.

Is there any cost to download your e-book ‘Franchising: Decoded & Demystified’?

No Franchising: Decoded & Demystified is free to download and share. The only costs associated with the FTP come in when you want to use our ‘Concept Evaluation’ services where the FTP can evaluate a concept you may be interested in using the FTP method. First concept evaluation is free and nominal fees apply to additional concepts you may want evaluated.

Can you recommend a franchise concept?

The FTP does not recommend franchise concepts. However, we can help you evaluate concepts you may be interested in using the 14 external and internal factors outlined in our e-book Franchising: Decoded & Demystified. From this evaluation you should be able to draw your own conclusions.

Where can I learn more about franchising?

Our e-book, Franchising: Decoded & Demystified, has links to many additional resources you can use to explore this topic thoroughly.

I have a suggestion or feedback for the FTP, how can I get in touch with you?

We’d love to hear from you! Use our ‘Contact’ to start a communication.